Laundry Tips

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Laundry 101

Here’s Some Advice for Fast & Efficient Laundry!

While it doesn’t take long for laundry to pile up – it’s also easy to get your clothes, sheets and towels clean and fresh. Here are some tips to make doing your laundry a little less of a chore.

Sort Before You Wash

You want to separate your whites from your darks, towels from your clothes, etc. before you get started. This will prevent you from dying your white shirts pink, or ending up with lots of pill on your clothing!

Check Your Temperature

Each load of laundry may require a different temperature. Hot water is recommended for whites, towels and sheets, while cold water will help prevent your darks from fading.

Check Your Pockets

Before you put your clothes in the washing machine, don’t forget to check all of your pockets. Make sure you take money, receipts and your cell phone out before you turn on the water. Don’t forget to check shirt and pant pockets as well!

Look at Labels

Most clothing can be washed and dried without issue; however, some clothes have special requirements. Check the labels to see if your clothes need to be washed in a specific temperature or hung to dry.

Soak Your Stains

If you have a stain that needs to come out, pre-treat it before heading to the laundromat. Use a stain removal product to spot-treat the stain first before washing it to increase your chances of getting the stain out.

Watch Your Scents

If your skin is easily irritated by scents, look for detergents and fabric softeners that are scent-free. There are also soaps and softeners available for sensitive skin.

Fold Fast

Leaving your laundry in the dryer after the dryer stops is the perfect recipe for wrinkles. Avoid having to iron or turn the dryer on again by folding clothes, towels and sheets as soon as they are dry. Remember, U & I offers a wash and fold service!

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